Frequent Asked Questions

Why Are We Called Paramour?

Paramour is your illicit lover – the lover you want if no one else knew. At Paramour, you are free to love anyone you choose in any way want. We want you to feel Paramour’s love in the detail of our craft cocktails, caring service, and vibrant environment. And if you are truly daring, ask one of our staff for the real story. Just keep your panties on.

Why Does Paramour Have To Win The James Beard Award?

Because we want to be the best. We are so fucking tired of hearing that Dallas, Houston, or Austin are better just because they think they have money. San Antonio has “soul” that can’t be faked like that Rolex, leased BMW, or blonde hair. We will be the first bar in Texas to win.

Why Does It Take So Damn Long To Get Your Cocktail?

Nothing good is fast. Everything in your cocktail was made from scratch- juice, bitters, garnishes, even the ice. Your cocktail is made when you order it. Our Chefs demand it to prove. His love.

Does Paramour Have A Dress Code?

Yes, we do. We ask all our guests to put their best foot forward. The dress code is business casual after 7 pm.

Why A Dress Code?

Because you are worth it.

What Is The Average Drink Cost At Paramour?

Paramour has great deals on bottles of wine starting at $25 with house glasses of wine going for $12. Beer usually runs from $6 – $8. As far as cocktails, Paramour doesn’t keep well or house spirits in our inventory. Baseline premium liquors start at $16 for a 2oz pour and $18 for a hand-crafted cocktail.

Are Reservations Required At Paramour?

Most definitely all guests planning an adventure at Paramour should make a reservation in advance. We understand coming in on a whim and welcoming walk-in guests but cannot guarantee speedy seating or entry.

Is Paramour Dog Friendly?

We love our pooches but not all of our four-legged friends have the best table manners. We do make exceptions so please call ahead and ensure your animal is cleared before getting their hopes up.

Can I Smoke On The Patio?

Paramour is a majority open-air environment, and we like to keep that air clean and comfortable for everybody. Smoking is prohibited in any section on the patio or the lounge indoors.

Can I Bring Balloons And Decorations For My Table?

We love setting up the perfect space for celebrations, but most of these decorations end up on the floor, in the air, and inevitably in a landfill or in the ocean. We’re not about it. Paramour is already set up with striking decor and ambiance.

Can I Bring In A Cake Or Snacks For A Birthday Celebration?

Paramour does not allow outside food of any kind to be brought in into the restaurant. There are no exceptions to this rule.